Are you a non-Russian citizen planning to visit Russia for certain contractual, educational or immigration purposes? In compliance with requirements of the Russian legislation, in most cases you will need to have your civil documents translated into Russian language and certified by a Russian notary. Particularly, notarized translation of personal documents will be necessary in the following cases:

  • obtaining Russian citizenship or a temporary residence permit in Russia,
  • official employment or education of a foreign citizen in Russia,
  • registration of marriage with a Russian citizen,
  • settling heritage-related or other legal matters.

The most common personal documents we translate include: passports, ID cards, birth certificates, marriage and divorce certificates, driver’s licenses, diplomas, school leaving certificates, work record books, military records, powers of attorney, statements of consent, apostilles, certificates of state registration of rights, certificates of employment, letters of recommendation, bank statements, etc.

Over the past 15 years, Lingwella’s in-house translators have translated over 17,000 various documents from/into Russian and 49 other languages for 6,500 clients.

When translating civil documents, we pay special attention to the accuracy of holder’s personal details and preserving all source data. All translations are double checked and formatted in MS Word with maximum visual similarity to the original document appearance.

If necessary, we can provide notarial certification of any translated document to make it legally valid throughout the entire territory of the Russian Federation (and in certain cases abroad). Thanks to our long-lasting cooperation with a local notarial office, translations of your documents can be officially certified by a state-licensed Russian notary within just one hour. Your presence is not required. All you need to do is to send us scanned copies of your documents, and we will take care of the rest. The ready notarized translation will be delivered to your mailing address by express delivery service (preferably DHL).

Alternatively, we can offer you certification of translated documents by our corporate seal and translator’s signature. This option may be appropriate in certain cases as well (most commonly, for translation of customs documentation and for personal documents issued in Russia that need to be submitted to foreign embassies, healthcare or educational institutions).

Our minimum charge applied for translation of a civil document is $15. The price includes layout of translation in MS Word with maximum conformity to the original document appearance. Notarial and postage services are charged additionally.

Marketing and PR Translation

company presentations; product descriptions mobile apps (text content, app store reviews) newsletters; press releases

IT Translation

документация для пользователей и разработчиков, пользовательские интерфейсы (UI), промо-материалы для массовых рассылок, инструкции для hardware или software, статьи в профильных изданиях


slogans & taglines
promotional flyers, brochures & videos
advertising campaigns

Technical Translation

installation & operation guides
design specifications & user manuals
engineering drawings

Machine Translation Post-Editing

машинный перевод с тщательной вычиткой и редактированием профессиональным переводчиком, имеющим большой опыт работы с различными движками МП

Proofreading and Stylistic Editing

careful revision and editing of your texts or translations for grammar, spelling, punctuation and style by a highly qualified native Russian linguist

Desktop Publishing

layout of translated pages by a skilled layout designer to maintain the original document appearance and ensure maximum adaptation of your media content