2009: point of origin
Our company was founded in January 2009 as Raduga Slov Translation Bureau. Initially, we provided notarized translations of personal documents and during the first year of our work we fulfilled orders only for private individuals.
2010: first contracts
In 2010 we started to develop contractual relations with legal entities – organizations of the Ulyanovsk region. We provided technical, legal, financial, economic, marketing translation and interpreting services to local industrial enterprises, banks, courts and state authorities.
2011-2012: registration of new domains
In November 2011 we registered the attractive and memorable domain names услуги-переводчиков.рф and услугипереводчиков.рф. And in the end of 2012 the domains lingwella.com and lingwella.ru were registered. This event gave a powerful impetus for the upcoming changes in the development and scaling of our business.
2014: entering foreign markets
We are no longer focused only on the domestic market and are starting to look for new clients in Europe and North America. This work gradually began to bear fruit, and in 2014 we received our first orders from Western customers.
2015: rebranding
We realized that we were ready to stand out against the competition and make ourselves known to the whole world. In 2015, we conducted a rebranding campaign, which resulted in the birth of a new brand – Lingwella Translation Agency. This event marked a quantum leap in the company’s development, a switch to a fundamentally new level of quality and service, and a maximum expansion of our business geography.
2018: expansion of geography
Since 2018, we have been actively cooperating with a number of European and major international translation agencies, gaining new professional skills and mastering the existing ones. At the same time, we do not forget to provide linguistic services to Russian companies from different cities, as well as continue to deliver notarized translations for citizens of Dimitrovgrad and guests of our city.
2020: new legal entity
In the beginning of 2020, we registered a new legal entity to gain the ability to enter into official contracts with customers from EU and the USA and to accept payments into foreign currency accounts at the new bank.
2024: brand new website
In January 2024, to celebrate our 15th anniversary, we completely redesigned our website, making it as user-friendly, informative and attractive as possible. And now, we are ready to launch a large-scale marketing campaign to promote our services on the Internet in order to successfully fulfill our mission.

What we’re aiming for

Lingwella aspires to establish long-term remote partnership with businessmen from all corners of the globe. Our role is to be a trusted partner who can take care of any Russian language-related assignment by creating attractive, culturally appropriate and linguistically flawless texts in the Russian language.

We are open for cooperation and ready to serve customers from Europe, North America, Asia, Middle East, and the rest of the English-speaking world.