Per aspera ad astra

How we started

The company was established in the beginning of 2009 as Raduga Slov Translation Bureau. We started with notarial translation of personal and migration-related documents, and during the first year we took orders mostly from private persons.

In 2010 we started to build contractual relationships with corporate customers from Ulyanovsk region. We provided technical, legal, financial, marketing translation and interpreting services for local manufacturing companies, banks, courts and governmental authorities.

Driven by a deep aspiration to unlock our full potential, we developed consistently, hired more in-house and freelance translators, and expanded our range of services.

What we’ve achieved

Since 2014 we work globally, helping businesses from around the world promote their products and services to the ever-growing Russian market. We have successfully completed a number of international translation and localization projects, mostly for small and medium-sized businesses from Russia, EU and CIS countries. Some of our clients are mobile software developers (ZiMAD, iLogos), among others are such names as Aeroflot, Mars Inc., Federal-Mogul Corporation, Scholpp, iRest, and others.

We needed to mark our presence on the web for the world to get to know us. In 2015 the new brand — Lingwella — came into existence as a result of a massive rebranding campaign.

This momentous event symbolized a quantum leap in the agency’s development, has taken the company to a whole new level of quality and service, and allowed to expand the geography of our business to the uttermost.

What we’re aiming for

Lingwella aspires to establish long-term remote partnership with businessmen from different parts of the globe. Our role is to be a trusted partner who can take care of any Russian language-related assignment by creating attractive, culturally appropriate and liguistically flawless texts in the Russian language.

We are open for cooperation and ready to serve customers from Europe, North America, Australia, Asia and the rest of the English-speaking world.