We live in a wonderful time. The time when nearly everything can be purchased from your home or office within minutes and delivered to your address from any part of the globe within a few days. Thanks to the rapid development of information technology and e-commerce, growing international business cooperation and the ever-increasing amount of import and export transactions, establishing trade relations with other countries has never been so attractive and feasible.

But feasible does not mean easy. Increasing demand results in stronger competition between companies offering similar products or services. And the best way to stand out from competitors is to develop a smart global marketing strategy with focus on creating an attractive and professional image of your company worldwide. This could be quite a challenging and time-consuming process but the end result will be well worth it.

One of the most essential components of such global marketing strategy is translation of your company’s advertising materials and PR messages into languages spoken by your potential customers living in other countries.

If you are planning to promote your product in the Russian-speaking markets, Lingwella will take care of all your language needs and help you recreate your company’s positive image in the Russian language.

When translating marketing and promotional texts, we apply all our creativity, life-long cultural and linguistic background to create a translation that will be fully identical in style, terminology and the manner of narration, while sounding very ‘natural’ and appealing for the relevant target audience.

Our agency specializes in marketing translation and brand localization services for businesses involved in various spheres of activity — we are serving both B2B and B2C companies. Lingwella’s marketing and PR translation services cover a full range of promotional and advertising content, including:

  • corporate brochures and PowerPoint presentations,
  • news articles and press releases,
  • product catalogs and price lists,
  • sales kits and commercial booklets,
  • commercial offers and business letters,
  • business cards and personal CVs,
  • mobile software presentations and app store reviews,
  • social media content (blog posts, status updates, images and publications)

Our charge for marketing and PR translation services starts from $0.12 per source word.

IT Translation

документация для пользователей и разработчиков, пользовательские интерфейсы (UI), промо-материалы для массовых рассылок, инструкции для hardware или software, статьи в профильных изданиях


slogans & taglines
promotional flyers, brochures & videos
advertising campaigns

Technical Translation

installation & operation guides
design specifications & user manuals
engineering drawings

Translation of Personal Documents

passports, ID cards, civil status documents, military records, work record books, diplomas & school leaving certificates, powers of attorney & statements of consent

Machine Translation Post-Editing

машинный перевод с тщательной вычиткой и редактированием профессиональным переводчиком, имеющим большой опыт работы с различными движками МП

Proofreading and Stylistic Editing

careful revision and editing of your texts or translations for grammar, spelling, punctuation and style by a highly qualified native Russian linguist

Desktop Publishing

layout of translated pages by a skilled layout designer to maintain the original document appearance and ensure maximum adaptation of your media content