Machines are getting smarter and various businesses around the world are increasingly adopting automated and machine learning-based approaches, but how is this connected to translation?

The volume of texts translated every day is constantly growing, and players in the translation industry are actively adopting new technologies to maximize the benefits of the machine-human tandem. Our company is no exception and offers our clients solutions that help them generate large volumes of documents in a short period of time while reducing translation costs with no compromise in quality. One such solution is our machine translation (MT) post-editing service.

MT technology has evolved rapidly in recent years, and the accuracy and quality of automatic translation have improved remarkably. However, even the most modern and advanced MT systems are still imperfect, and quite often in MT you will encounter lexical errors, logical inconsistencies, incorrectly understood or completely misunderstood abbreviations and “interesting” sentence structures that require mandatory editing. This is where the MT post-editing service comes to the rescue.

MT post-editing as a separate service is especially relevant in situations where the customer needs to quickly and efficiently translate large volumes of content, such as technical manuals, tender documentation for construction projects, product descriptions or user interfaces. Using MT as the raw material, which then undergoes meticulous proofreading and editing by an experienced translator, we achieve good translation turnaround time without significantly compromising the quality of the translated text.

Our role is to “humanize” machine translation, that is, to achieve a result comparable to the work of a professional linguist who translates from scratch.

However, achieving such a result is not as easy as it may seem at first glance. The biggest challenge associated with MT is finding qualified linguists capable of providing this service, i.e. those who can effectively edit machine-translated content: recognize errors and terminology inconsistencies typical of MT engines, make context-sensitive edits to the MT, suggest better wording, change word order, and much more. In addition, an MT editor must be proficient in the target language and be an expert in the relevant subject area. Not every translator and editor can do this job, so just like any other new endeavor, post-editing requires training.

In addition, it is important to remember that not all texts are suitable for MT with further editing. In particular, we strongly advise against using this option to translate medical documents, complicated legal documents and marketing texts. The existing MT systems are not sufficient for the translation of such texts, where the cost of error is too high and the slightest inaccuracy can be fatal.

Lingwella’s MT editors received appropriate training in this area, have extensive experience in post-editing when working with various MT engines and possess all the knowledge and skills necessary for successful “humanization” of machine generated texts.

We calculate the cost of our MT post-editing services individually each time, depending on the peculiarities of a particular project. On average, it amounts to 70% of the base translation rate, and all discounts for high volume, repetitions and fuzzy matches also apply.


Marketing and PR Translation

company presentations, price lists and product catalogs, restaurant menus, labels, leaflets, flyers and booklets, CVs and business cards, commercial offers, email newsletters, advertisements in mass media and social networks

IT Translation

localization of mobile applications and other software, user interfaces, documentation for developers and users, instructions for hardware and software, feature articles and reviews

Website Localization

corporate websites, online stores, landing pages, personal portfolio websites, websites of non-profit and public organizations, thematic portals, blogs, forums


slogans and taglines,
promotional videos, flyers and brochures,
advertising campaigns

Legal and Financial Translation

all types of contracts and agreements, company incorporation documents, court decisions, certificates and licenses, financial and accounting records, tax declarations, invoices, audit reports, customs documents, tender documentation

Technical Translation

operation, installation and maintenance manuals, technical data sheets, corporate standards and specifications, engineering drawings, charts and diagrams, graphic documentation, questionnaires and reports

Translation of Personal Documents

passports, identity cards, birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, driver's licenses, diplomas and school leaving certificates, work record books, military IDs, certificates from the place of work or study

Proofreading and Stylistic Editing

careful revision and editing of your texts or translations for grammar, spelling, punctuation and style by a highly qualified native Russian linguist, correction of all errors and inconsistencies

Desktop Publishing

professional layout of translated pages by a skilled layout designer to maintain the original document appearance and ensure maximum adaptation of your media content