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About Lingwella

Lingwella Translation Agency is a Russia-based team of language experts — linguists, translators, editors and project managers.
We are proud to be native speakers of the Russian language but we don’t just speak it — we devoted our lives to mastering our writing and translating skills.
And we don’t just translate — we put our heart and soul into every single word we produce.

Our brand name is derived from Latin ‘lingua‘ (language) and English ‘well‘, and fairly represents our simple philosophy: ensuring outstanding performance and fancy-grade quality for all kinds of language services we provide.

Sincere commitment to professionalism and pursuit of perfection in everything we do, combined with well-coordinated team work and remarkable customer service are the hallmarks of our work.

At Lingwella there is no place for mediocre or amateur service.

We deliver well-done translations only.

Mission Statement

Why are we here? Our mission is to facilitate our customers’ progress in business development and entering new markets
by doing the following:

  • providing non-Russian speakers with a wide range of professional language services, delivered cost-competitively and within the agreed deadlines,
  • using all our experience, education and lifelong cultural background for effective adaptation of a new product for the Russian-speaking world,
  • understanding customer needs and expectations, paying careful attention to every project detail and ensuring strict confidentiality of clients’ files,
  • implementing the latest technologies and quality standards in translation industry and becoming one of the leading LSPs in Russia

Lingwella in Figures

years in translation business

Since 2009 Lingwella provides first-class language support both for businesses and for private individuals.

projects completed

Over the years, we have successfully carried out over 2,500 translation and localization projects.

words per month

Our sustainable monthly workload is up to 125,000 words of translated texts and documents.

translators (EN↔RU↔DE)

Highly skilled in-house and freelance translators and proofreaders are always at your service.

loyal customers

At Lingwella, we recognize that the customer comes first, and statistically 4 of 5 new clients return to us again.

Supported Language Combinations

For our non-Russian customers we translate from English and German into our native Russian.

We are firmly convinced that only native speakers of a target language can ensure the highest level of translation quality. For this reason, please note: we translate only into Russian.

Are you a translation buyer?

Lingwella presents:

Popular guidelines for buying translation and interpreting services are now available in the Russian language!

These two “translator user manuals” were originally written by the American Translators Association. Lingwella’s translators and layout designers created identical copies of them in Russian. We recommend these guides as helpful sources of information and advice for all types of business executives looking at outsourcing their translation jobs.

Click on the corresponding icon to open either English or Russian copy:

What should you know about professional translation before choosing a translation vendor? How much does it cost? Translation for information or translation for publication — how important is style? What about machine translation? What can be done to reduce risks of poor translation quality?

By following even half of the recommendations from this guide, you will increase your chances of getting a translation that fully meets your requirements.

How do professional interpreters work? What is the difference between consecutive, simultaneous interpreting and sight translation? What factors influence the cost of interpreting services? What should you keep in mind if you want to hire an interpreter perfectly suited for your particular communication needs?

This guide provides comprehensive answers to these and other pertinent questions. It is recommended not only for buyers of language services but for anyone interested in interpreting as a profession.

Our Clients

Our dear clients trust us — and so can you!

What our customers are saying


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