Collaborating with Lingwella is an enjoyable experience
because we love our clients and our clients love us back.

In 2012 and 2013 Lingwella successfully carried out a series of translation and localization projects for ZiMAD — a developer of mobile entertainment products. The scope of work included translation of brief promotional game reviews from English into Russian and eight other European and Asian languages (which were published on iTunes and Google Play), collaboration proposals, as well as localization of complete text content of several games.
We recommend Lingwella translation agency as a reliable and competent language service provider to all international business owners.
Anna Nikolaeva, Marketing manager, ZiMAD Inc.
I would like to thank Stanislav and his fellow translators for their invaluable help in translation of numerous legal and constituent documents for our company. Since 2011, they have translated a variety of international agreements, memorandums and articles of association, investment contracts and powers of attorney.
One Friday afternoon I asked them to urgently translate a contract on 24 pages, and they agreed to work during the weekend, so my translation was ready and certified by the notary on Monday morning! I consider Lingwella to be the most responsive and customer-oriented translation agency of all.
Alexander Pavlov, General Director, Skytech LLC
I’ve been working with Stanislav, Yana and their colleagues since 2010. Over the past 5 years, they have translated countless technical documents, installation and operation manuals, drawings, product catalogs, websites, advertising brochures and leaflets, press releases, PowerPoint presentations, business contracts, and what not. Thanks to our long-lasting collaboration, at least 450 translation and localization projects (mainly from German and English into Russian) have been successfully carried out for my partners from Germany and Switzerland.
So far, it seems that nothing is impossible for them. No matter how complicated or industry-specific a source text is — somehow they always manage to engage the right people and ensure the required translation quality to satisfy my highly demanding customers. I have no doubts that Lingwella will succeed in their global development efforts, and would not hesitate to recommend them to any company seeking a reliable and well-experienced translation partner in Russia.
Elena Ionkina, Translator, entrepreneur
Zenit-Himmash LLC has been cooperating with Lingwella translation agency for a number of years. Our company is engaged in engineering and manufacturing of large-sized petrochemical equipment — pressure vessels, heat exchangers, air coolers, and other. Since 2011, Stanislav and his team of translators have successfully carried out over 80 translation and interpreting projects for our corporate needs. They translated various internal technical documents and engineering drawings, audit questionnaires and reports, business agreements and company presentations. Also, they are our primary vendor of interpreting services.
We are more than satisfied with our fruitful collaboration with Lingwella and wish them sustainable growth and further achievements in their global development.
Maria Berdnikova, Project manager, Zenit-Himmash LLC
Stanislav has been an absolute pleasure to work with. He’s extremely gifted at his craft, and always takes the time to ensure nothing but his best effort and top quality on every project we’ve worked on together to date. I consider him my strongest Russian translator, and have him booked in as a regular part of my team with ongoing weekly assignments. Highly recommend him!
Cameron Bishop, Principal, The Translation Network (Canada)
I visited Lingwella’s office a couple of times when I came to Russia to settle my real estate-related matters. There was no problem with communication because Stanislav spoke English fluently and turned out to be a very nice person to deal with. He and his colleagues helped me greatly with translation and notarial certification of my personal and proprietary documents. Thank you, Stanislav, and good luck to your business!
Julian Stevens, Company director, D3 LTD (UK)
Avrora Furniture Factory highly values the quality of translation and related services rendered by the specialists of Raduga Slov Translation Bureau. We applied to them repeatedly for translation of commercial offers for foreign companies, business correspondence with Chinese suppliers, website content, and technical documentation to the new manufacturing equipment for our assembly workshop.
We would like to emphasize their responsible approach to all our assignments, diligent attitude to client’s requirements, and consistency in respecting the stipulated deadlines.
We recommend Raduga Slov Translation Bureau to everyone who is looking for a reliable business partner and vendor of professional translation services.
Alexei Shulga, Commercial director, Avrora Furniture Factory
In 2015 our company contracted with Lingwella Translation Agency for a pilot project — translation of our internal corporate standards. The quality of translation and visual appearance of complex formatted PDF documents was highly appreciated by our department’s staff. We would like to particularly note the fast speed of translation delivery. We will be willing to continue our collaboration with Lingwella and recommend this agency to all parties concerned.
Alexei Yurkevich, Food safety technologist, MARS Inc.
Once I arranged a studio recording for my band, and my best song was in Russian, but I wanted to record an English version of it, and the time was running out. Lingwella’s people worked in collaboration in a very creative and friendly manner. They literally wrote a new poem in English within just one hour! My song in English turned out to be truly awesome, I’m humming it with pleasure)) It’s such a fun to work with you guys! Recommended to everyone!!!
Anton Starostin, Music band leader, BRIGHTT
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Lingwella’s people for their invaluable help in harmonizing my personal life! They translated a large kit of my migration-related documents for the German embassy in Moscow. Besides that, they helped me to correctly fill out visa application forms in German and assisted in apostilization of my personal documents in state authorities of Ulyanovk city. I am so happy because now I have all I need to move to Germany with my daughter and marry Andrey — my beloved fiancé!
Ekaterina Tsareva, Accountant, JSC “SSC RIAR”
Many thanks to Raduga Slov Translation Bureau, and especially to Mr. Stanislav Lemesev for his professional work, sincerity and promptness in providing document translation and legalization services. Not only did they provide notarized translation of important international documents over the shortest time possible, but they also kindly delivered the ready work back to our address.
During the period of our collaboration, Raduga Slov proved to be a prime example of a professional, honest and trustworthy business partner. We are very pleased with the quality of linguistic and related services they provide, and we will definitely hire them again. We highly recommend this company for its professionalism and fast turnaround to whom it may concern.
Yana Tabakova, Jurisconsult, Law bureau “Nersisyan and Partners”
I would like to express my gratitude to the personnel of Raduga Slov Translation Bureau for their quick and high-quality work. The result is always the same: professional translation quality and amazingly fast turnaround.
I have applied to them many times for translation of my narrow-specialized texts on psychology and social sciences, and I am willing to continue my collaboration with this company in the future.
As a devoted customer, I would like to particularly note their attentive attitude: I always receive quick and comprehensive answers to my tricky questions. Excellent service — I recommend it!
Natalia Stepanova, Teacher