Technical Translation

Did you know that over 90% of modern Russian companies engaged in production industry are buying and using foreign manufacturing equipment imported from Europe and Asia? The today’s demand for foreign technological equipment among Russian manufacturers is greater than ever before.

Professional translation of technical specifications and operating instructions facilitates effective adaptation and ensures proper usage of foreign technologies, reduces risks of malfunction and industrial accidents, and gives advantage over competitors who do not provide translation. This is why translation of accompanying documentation is of critical importance for suppliers of manufacturing equipment and other hardware who export their products to Russian retailers.

Translation of technical documentation has always been one of the most demanded language services among Lingwella’s regular customers. Over the past six years, Lingwella carried out hundreds of technical translation projects — from user manuals to consumer electronics to engineering drawings and installation and operation guides to production machinery.

We have translated not less than 1 million words of technical documentation
from English, German and several other European languages into Russian.

Lingwella’s translators are highly experienced in translation of technical literature covering different spheres of science and technology, especially in the following industries:

  • automobile manufacturing
  • mechanical engineering
  • petrochemical industry
  • information technology
  • foundry engineering
  • food-processing industry
  • agriculture

Technical translation requires maximum accuracy and logical unambiguity, consistency in the use of terminology, and expertise in a particular field of science or technology. An ideal translator of technical literature not only has an excellent command of both his native and a foreign language, but also has technical education and deep knowledge of the industry he specializes in.

Lingwella has accumulated an extensive base of technical translators with different areas of expertise. Depending on your project specifications, we will select and engage appropriate translators who are familiar with your industry and have sufficient translation experience.

All major translation projects are carried out using specialized translation memory software. We work in SDL Trados Studio 2011 to ensure maximum uniformity in terminology, speed up translation processes, manage our TMs and glossaries, and store previously made translations for future use.

Our regular charge for technical translation services is $0.08 per source word. Discounts for repetitions and fuzzy matches always apply! Extra fees may be charged for non-editable files (PDFs, JPEGs, scanned copies, etc.), complex document formatting in MS Word, Excel or PowerPoint, and the need to engage graphic design or DTP applications.