Legal and Financial Translation

The process of establishing international business relations and entering new markets implies a broad spectrum of cross-cultural communication challenges and requires observing manifold legal formalities and paperwork procedures.

Translation of legal and financial documents has a number of common features. These types of texts are rich in special terminology and set expressions; they require maximum accuracy and clarity in rendering factual information, strict conformity between source and target lexical and syntactic units, and observance of a specific style of narration. Even the slightest inaccuracy in translation may twist the original meaning and result in adverse consequences or even a lawsuit. This is why legal and financial translations, more than any other, impose great responsibility to a translation provider and require not only excellent language skills, but also profound expertise in legal science.

At Lingwella, we realize the responsibility we undertake when dealing with legal and financial documents. When every number and every word matters, mistranslations are simply inexcusable. All translators engaged in legal and financial translation projects specialize in the juridical area and have at least 5 years of relevant translation experience.

    Lingwella guarantees total confidentiality throughout and after the translation process. Whenever necessary, we will be willing to sign a confidentiality agreement drawn up by either party.
Whenever you need a professional, accurate and confidential translation of your
legal and financial documents into Russian, Lingwella is always at your service.

Our translation services for the juridical sector cover a broad spectrum of legal and court documentation, particularly:

  • all kinds of business contracts and agreements,
  • incorporation (constituent) documents,
  • licenses, certificates, affidavits, apostilles,
  • terms of use and privacy policies,
  • writs, witness statements, court resolutions and other court documents,
  • personal injury and personal liability claims, and more

Lingwella’s translators have sufficient knowledge and experience to translate financial, accounting and banking documents of all kinds, including:

  • financial statements and tax reports,
  • audit questionnaires and reports,
  • bank statements, letters of credit and other banking documents,
  • balance sheets and annual reports,
  • profit and loss accounts,
  • corporate policies, business plans, investment reports, and more

Our charge for legal and financial translation services starts from $0.10 per source word. Additional charges may apply for non-editable files (PDF, JPEG, scanned copies, etc.) and complex document formatting in MS Word or Excel.