Desktop Publishing

You have your texts translated, and the quality of translation is fine, but are you fully satisfied with the result?

The answer depends on the type of a document, its function and the purpose it is intended for. If you have a plain non-formatted text for personal use (like a pumpkin pie recipe written by your mother-in-law), you will not require any additional manipulations with your translation. But if your translation project involves localization of a multi-page product catalog full of images, tables and charts, intended for mass printing or publication on your website, you may want to preserve its original appearance in translation.

Retaining the original document layout in translation is always preferable, and it also has financial advantages. High-quality page layout makes a big difference when it comes to localization of your marketing and advertising materials for a new target audience. A translation can be perfect, but if it does not fit the page well, the reader can lose his interest in such advertising. And vice versa, if a translated promotional brochure looks well designed and attractive, it can emphasize a professional image of your business and raise your credibility among potential customers.

Based on our experience, we know that most translation projects require additional text formatting and page layout services. Even a simple formatted MS Word document tends to get longer or shorter depending on the language combination, which results in misalignment of translated text blocks with the original layout.

The more difficult the original document formatting is, the more important it is to outsource such projects to a translation provider who is capable not only to translate, but also to create a visually identical copy of the source document in the target language.

Lingwella’s skilled layout designers will make your translations retain the original document
appearance to ensure maximum adaptation of your media content for the target reader.

Do you have PDF documents that need to be translated and properly laid out but you don’t have source files to edit them in applications they were originally designed in? No problem! We know how to handle any PDF files — whether they were created in any application of the Adobe Creative Suite family or simply saved from a scanner as digital copies of paper documents.

Our mastery in specialized OCR software allows us to extract and edit text saved in various non-editable file formats, and our graphic designers feel as much at home as a fish in water when operating DTP tools, which allows us to translate and lay out even large-scale engineering drawings.

Our average rate for DTP and page layout services is $30-35 per hour. Simple text formatting in MS Word, Excel or PowerPoint is free of charge.