About Yana

Yana is our unchallenged in-house translator, editor and project manager.

Thanks to her profound educational background, a proven record in teaching languages in a higher school, and excellent command of both Russian and English grammar, spelling and punctuation, you may rest assured that your documents are in safe hands. She can put a gloss on your translation in such a way that it will become even better than the source text!

Yana has been working for Lingwella since 2011, and over the years, she has gained a wealth of experience not only in translation, but also in managing translation projects of various complexity. Today, she copes with the duties of a project manager no worse than Stanislav.

  • Translation
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Project management
  • Work with key customers
  • Recruiting freelance translators

Yana graduated cum laude from the Department of Linguistics and International Cooperation of the Ulyanovsk State University with a Specialist degree in linguistics and intercultural communication.

“Working for Lingwella gives me everything I need: the ability to earn for a living, to study, and to take pleasure in what I do. Translator is a profession that never makes me feel bored”.

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