About Alexey

Alexey is our senior layout designer and DTP expert.

He knows perfectly how to handle various graphic editors and office software. He can make your non-editable PDF documents or technical drawings look exactly the same way as the originals, but in a different language. For Alexey, converting a “dead” pdf with scans of a hospital discharge summary in Armenian language into an editable Word file is a piece of cake.

Alexey is also well experienced in translation of all kinds of civil documents from physical persons and management of simple translation projects.

  • Layout design and DTP
  • MS Office
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro
  • ABBYY FineReader
  • Translation

Alexey graduated from the Department of Linguistics of the Modern University for the Humanities with a Bachelor’s degree in linguistics and translation studies.

“I like all about foreign languages, graphic design and information technology. Working for Lingwella allows me to develop my expertise in translation and to learn new things. After all, I like the idea of being a part of such an awesome crew :)”

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